To foreigners living in Japan


We are real estate companies-AOZORA PLANNING.

We do the following duties about Kanazawa-shi and the suburban real estate mainly.


 Mediation duties of the purchase / sale / exchange of land and a building

 Management / a mediation of a lease house

 A plan of effective practical use of land and a building and development

 Advice about a home loan

 Advice about a real estate investment


We let service about "the real estate purchase" as particularly main duties in those duties.

Because I’d like to back up the maximum, please talk about the real estate purchase of residence foreigner with us without hesitation in us.

In addition, We’re am Japanese, and without confidence asks for a reservation beforehand because the outside entrusts you with the foreign language interpreter staff (English, Chinese) for the one that is not so good at Japanese.

We believe that we can surely help you.



3-21, koshomachi, Kanazawa-shi, Sunny Heights 3rd Floor 303

Telephone 076-223-0202 FAX 076-223-0203




The following documents are necessary about for one who purchases real estate in Japan as a residence foreigner.


   Alien registration items mentioned certificate

   Certification of a seal impression book

   Person himself confirmation documents such as a passport


Furthermore, when we make a home loan in Japan and do the real estate purchase


   A permanent residence qualification in Japan is necessary.


Because we guide you about contents of the documents which are necessary for you, please call me willingly.

In addition, now we prepare a lease house for residence foreigners in us. One desired please talk about a lease house with us, too.